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Post Info TOPIC: CDMSBL by the numbers ( 2, 3, and 4 )


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CDMSBL by the numbers ( 2, 3, and 4 )

A while ago I was thinking about some of the unique or peculiar things I've seen playing in this league the last 19 years. Then I realized some of them have a number associated with them. Baseball is after all, a game of numbers, 61, 714, .406, etc. Anyway, here's a few entertaining things I've seen in our league with the numbers 2, 3, and 4.

2 - A few years ago in a 55 division game, I saw Giant teammate Fred Pidgeon hit two grand slams in one game. He was probably around 65 years old. His 90 year old dad was in the stands to see it. I was on base for the 2nd one, and crossing home plate I remember the umpire, Joe C., looking out towards where it landed in pure astonishment and muttering " I don't believe it... ".

3 - I was catching a game with my 38 Pirates at the Elm Ave town park. Lefty Mike Clarey was on the mound. Mike always had what I thought was about the nastiest curveball I had ever caught. I didn't know at the time how good his pick-off move was. To start an inning, the leadoff hitter gets on, don't recall how. Take's a pretty good lead, not really warranted, the score wasn't close. Bang, Clarey picks him off by about 3 feet. The 2nd guy up also reaches first. You would imagine he witnessed the previous pick and would be somewhat cautious. Nope, 2nd or 3rd pitch in the AB Clarey picks him too. So up comes the 3rd hitter of the inning. Me and the ump are kidding around a little with the guy that if he gets on 1st base, to pretend it's softball rules and don't lead. Well, you guessed it. He reaches 1st, takes a lead, and proceeds to join his other two buddies on the bench by getting picked. Nobody said anything to him as he made his was back to the bench. When you do something that unbelievably ignorant, there's no words to describe it I guess. Three picks in one half inning.

4 - This one I have to take some credit for. I was catching for pitcher Jimmy Preller at another Pirate game, I believe it was also at Elm Ave. I don't recall all the details, but he struck out 4 batters that inning, at least got credit for 4 strikeouts, as I dropped a 3rd strike on one of the hitters and proceeded to throw the ball into right field. So that made 4 K's in one half inning. I know that has been done before, but that was the first time I had ever seen it. I was pretty new at catching back then, I think we were lucky he didn't get 5 K's that inning.

So there's a few CDMSBL memories, if we can't play right now, at least we can recall some of the amusing things we've seen over the years. Hope you enjoyed them.


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Nicely done Ronnie.
I remember back when we used to go to other cities to play in tourneys, we got an invite to play in Connecticut.
We had a four or five car caravan from Legion field.
When we finally reached CT, without GPS, we somehow couldnt find the field.
This wasnt a numbers story per se but after driving around and seeing some of the same places again, I pulled along side John Reel and Jimmy Ansel, I said it looks like were driving in circles.Jimmy looked at me paused and said I think its more like a parrelelagram.


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Nice recall Ron.

I was there when Clarey picked off the three runners.

If memory serves me right (and it rarely does!) Clarey walked at least two of the batters if not all three. After the second pickoff, I remember joking that he should intentionally walk the 3rd batter and he'd have a 3-up, 3-down inning.

The next time a runner reached, he took his spot at first with Little League rules in mind.

When healthy, Clarey was a truly stud pitcher. One of the best.

Can't remember the game, but in the 45 playoffs, we trailed late in a game when Ron Smaka came up with two outs and either two on or the bases loaded. As Ron began to enter the batters' box, Steve Lounello implored all the Giants to stand up along the top of the dugout steps in a quite loud encouraging manner.

Ron had told me later that he'd never experienced that before and when he saw everyone standing it really pumped him up. Ron blasted the first pitch off the trash bin behind the left-field fence at New Scotland to give us the win and propel us to the championship.

Lots of fond memories over 21 years. Unfortunately, this 2020 season is by far the worst!



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Thanks Ron, Ralph and Jim. Those stories will keep us smiling till the first pitch is thrown.

And that'll happen this season.



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As I painfully recollect, I was the navigator in Reel's car. I got us lost, trying to make up time because of a f'ing bike race. Not my best day. Long ride home.... Hexagon, I think. Baseball with immunity!
Jim A


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(3) Boy, I remember a lot about that game. That year our Pirates pitching staff was mainly "Mike Kane and pray for rain - then Mike Kane a-gain, and a-gain and a-gain". Anyway, Mike didn't pitch that day, so we had to make due with whomever we could put out there to give us some innings.

As I recall, it was a tight game with the A's (or were they the Nationals?) and it was getting dark. We were either tied, or our team was up by a single run. We had been through a few hurlers and putting myself on the mound in the seventh inning was our last option, since at that point I was no longer a pitcher. I had nothing, and couldn't throw a strike. Walked the first two guys, but was fortunate to pick 'em off with the one thing I had in my meager arsenal. The next batter was a long-time teammate of mine, Dan Hernandez, and he promptly singled up the middle. The small advantage we had at that point was that the A's needed to get a man in scoring position, so they gave Dan the steal sign too, and things ended well for the Pirates.

That was the fourth time in my career I had accomplished that ignoble feat. Sure, that sounds cool, but that also translates into (at least) twelve baserunners in four innings. F it, WHIP is overrated.

Getting back to numbers: over all the years I've played, the only teammate whose jersey number I remember is #9 worn by Ron Smaka, "Love Potion" to those who know him best. Hope that 'Cuda is coming along nicely, Ron. Thanks for the mention.

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